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Introduction to the Gurdjieff Self-Knowledge Philosophy

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'In Search of the Miraculous', written by P. D. Ouspensky, is used as a workbook in this DIMschool online course to introduce you to the so-called 'Fourth Way'. We, therefore, strongly recommend that you purchase this book and read its content so that you can get a small idea of what we can offer on your path.

This book is a relatively faithful representation of the most critical aspects of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff's teachings. But, as the subtitle clearly states, it is about 'fragments of an unknown teaching', and all that is missing is systematically handed out to you during the course to apply the knowledge you have learned in everyday life.

Gurdjieff was also the first to introduce the enneagram to the West. In his teachings, this remarkable symbol represents the relationship between the two most significant laws of life, namely: The Law of Three' and 'The Law of Seven', which also represent the 'Law of 10'. These themes are also dealt with several times.

Self-knowledge guarantees that you will learn to understand yourself much better, your fellow man, all the events in the world and Life in general, so that you will be able to deal with them in a more relaxed, loving and peaceful way.

This private course, consisting of 3 sessions, will give you an idea of what "Knowing the Self" is all about.

- This online private course can be conducted through Skype in Dutch or English. Time and dates will be agreed upon beforehand.

- Number of sessions: three.
- Duration of each session: about 3 hours.
- Meeting place: Skype.
- Your contribution: 150 euro (for the 3 sessions) - or: 16,66 euro per hour.
- And, afterwards? We'll see... :-)
- Interested? Contact [email protected]

Tarief: € 150

Meer informatie? Stuur ons een bericht of bel ons op 03 430 93 87.


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